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"When I first stated training with Hayes, I thought I was ‘in shape’ and felt strong. Six months in, and I now know what strength is! Hayes has helped me gain confidence in working out and helped me train the right way to achieve my personal goals. We also laugh and have fun everyday! I love her set up and feel confident and comfortable in my training."
"Hayes is awesome. She has such a genuine love for fitness and helping others achieve their goals. She has pushed me farther than I would push myself and helped me to achieve goals beyond what I thought possible. Not only is she an amazing coach, but such an inspiring athlete herself. Her discipline and dedication to her craft is the ultimate motivator. I always look forward to my workouts with her even though I know she’s going to kick my butt!"
I approached Hayes a little over a year ago to help me get in shape after having two children. In the last year she has taught me an incredible amount about lifting and technique. She is extremely patient and breaks every movement down and will adjust for injuries/soreness. Hayes always has a smile on her face and so fun to train with! Her encouragement during training sessions has helped me push my limits. I’ve lost weight, gained strength, definition and confidence!
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"I love working with Hayes.  She's extremely knowledgeable and really takes the time to understand your goals and how you can achieve them safely.  Despite my love for the sport, I had given up distance running several years ago because I kept getting injured.  What I didn't know and what Hayes has taught me is the important role strength training plays in injury prevention.  Since working with Hayes I've gotten in the best shape of my life (even after having a baby!).  I'm back running half marathons and recently set a new PR that was 2 minutes faster than my old PR from 10 years ago (1:40:13 --> 1:38:10).  Working with her has allowed me to set and achieve goals I hadn't thought possible."

"Working with Hayes has helped me realize my strength both physically and mentally. Her attention to detail has helped push my fitness and goals to the next level and I cannot wait to see what I'm capable of. I would recommend Hayes and her Hybrid program to anyone looking to push themselves and discover a newfound respect for their body and strength. "
"I started working with Hayes in February 2023.  My goal was to get stronger and more toned.  I could tell that I was reaching my goals, but in the process she also helped me to become a better triathlete.  I was also training for the SheTris.  I improved all of my times drastically during my recent race...swimming, biking and running.  Hayes is a wonderful teacher, but also motivational and just makes working out fun!  I look forward to continuing my training with her and improving my time even more on my next triathlon."
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